What's Buggin' You? Parkland Hospital Intersection

It seems planners of the new $1.3 billion Parkland Hospital forgot something when they connected the old and new hospitals. It bugged some people so they contacted FOX 4’s Saul Garza for help.

In front of the hospital on Loftlan Street it’s a game of “who goes first” for drivers waiting to make a left turn onto Harry Hines Boulevard.

“Who knows? You don’t know. It’s gonna go green. You’re gonna go straight. You don’t know if you can turn or what because there’s no arrow,” one driver said.

The intersection used to be a T. But when the new hospital opened, it opened up to traffic from all directions, creating confusion and near misses.

“It’s kind of hard to tell who has the right of way. The lights not indicating who gets to go so you’re stuck in the middle sometimes,” another driver said.

FOX 4’s cameras watched as a passenger van and car hit the brakes until one decides to go. One black car waits to turn left while pedestrians cross. A silver car maneuvers around it and in the meantime the vehicle behind it gets impatient and makes the left turn first.

“It is confusing when you turn left, then you have pedestrians crossing and cars coming from different ways. So it is very confusing. They could work something out,” a driver said.

After Saul Garza contacted the city, traffic engineers went out there and conducted a traffic study. After a couple of weeks they determined a left turn signal was needed.

Now making a turn at the intersection is a whole lot easier for drivers.

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