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You wanted more toys!  Our newly expanded Toys For Boys section has got gift giving in the bag!

Antopia Adventure
This is where real and virtual play connect! Go on an incredible journey through an ant colony! This unique 4-in-1 system combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on Ant Farm live ant habitat activities and real STEM learning. Inspire kids of all ages to discover the wonders of our universe!

Chimp Zoomer
Go bananas over your very own interactive Chimp!  Using True Balance Technology Zoomer Chimp moves just like a real Chimp: on all fours, flipping, standing, and rolling all on his own! Through his moving face, light up eyes and awesome Chimp sounds, he lets you know exactly how he's feeling. He senses his surroundings and even follows your movements! Train him with one of his 10 easy-to-remember voice commands. Through Progressive Play, the more you train him, the more responses you'll unlock!

Hot Wheels Sky Shock Vehicle
Race without limits with the Hot Wheels RC Sky Shock transforming remote control flying race vehicle! This precision on-ground remote-controlled race vehicle hurtles down the track breaking records and leaving competition in the dust. Then with the push of a button Sky Shock spreads its wings and takes off, climbing, soaring and stunting across the sky!

Max Traxxx Tracer Racer
Tracer Racers utilize Light Trail Technology as they blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery's patented Glow-in-the-Dark track. Each Tracer Racer beams down purple light rays from its undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed. This set includes 24 feet of Glow-in-the-Dark track, 2 Tracer Racers, a dual loop, and an electronic finish gate. So cool! 

Mebo Robotic Alter Ego
The hi-tech robot, Mebo, provides endless ways to play and has a fun, customizable personality. An intuitive app controls Mebo’s movements. Features include a built-in POV camera that streams live in HD, articulated arm and gripping claw, two-way audio and microphone, six-wheels for ultimate control, a hotspot and remote access.

Minecraft RC Ghast
In the video world of Minecraft, the Nether-dwelling Ghast is one of the key mobs in the game. Now let your imagination soar with this Ghast quadcopter! Using a remote control, you can fly the Ghast toy through the air as in the game -- forward and backward, left and right, and up and down! Special features include 360-degree turns, automatic landing capabilities and a stunt button take the fun to new heights!

Mobo Cruiser
Mom and Dad, brother and sister!  There’s a Mobo Cruiser for everyone!  With its ultra-maneuverability and ''way cool'' design, Mobo Cruiser is unparalleled as a three-wheeled cruiser.' A simple steering mechanism and low-to-the-ground chassis makes the Mobo  the perfect companion for a fun ride or even a brisk work out.  It’s quality you can trust while ensuring that your child is balanced and safe. Let your child have a blast; let them roll on this classic cruiser and start a rock star adventure today.

Ninja Turtle Skateboarding Mikey
RC Skateboarding Mikey brings the most extreme member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to life with this innovative, new remote control vehicle. By using the remote control you can watch Mikey perform awesome moves like 360's, 720's, 1-foot spins and wheelies. Mikey even includes self-righting action, which means if he falls over you can use the remote to get him back up and keep going. RC Skateboarding Mikey comes with 20 of Mikey's most popular catchphrases from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series too!

Sky Viper Hover Racer
This advanced Hover Racer drone takes the action from your mobile device right into the sky! Custom-design your own course then connect with infrared beacons to complete time trials or race up to three other Hover Racers! The free app even records your lap times!

Star Wars Force Spinners
Launch and control a spinning droid using the powerful force of real magnetics! Just pull the rip cord and launch a fast spinning R2-D2 droid. "Force Push" the droid using the magnetic controller as you perform different force experiments and learn about physics and magnetics. Use the speed rail for amazing tricks and experiments in acceleration, momentum, friction, and more.

Star Wars Mini Light Saber Tech Lab
Discover the science of light and optics as you build your own miniature, 8.25-inch-long version of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker. Choose from 4 different colored crystals to customize your lightsaber. There are two lenses (focusing and wide-angle) to demonstrate the principles of optics. Perfect for play or display!

TARDIS Mind Reader
Test your Doctor Who knowledge against the all-powerful TARDIS. Think of any Doctor Who sentient being, location or technology. Answer its questions and be amazed as a real algorithm with artificial intelligence guesses what you're thinking in 20 questions. Or, if not, you win! Then, put it on your desk or table as a light-up display. Features information from the TV show.

Two Bros Bows
Toy bows for the beginning archer in your life. They’re really designed by two bros: Duncan and Hayden together with their mother, Elisha.  They took a $50 loan and turned it into a million dollar business and tons of fun for kids everywhere! All products are third party safety tested.

X-Shot Bug Attack
If it's not X-Shot, It's not X-treme!!! X-Shot Bug Attack combines two of ZURU's most exciting brands: X-Shot and Creepeez for innovative play. Throw the Creepeez against the wall and they become a moving target. Shoot them down and watch them fall! 2 gun styles available. The Eliminator comes with x2 Creepeez. Rapid Fire comes with x3 Creepeez.

Yvolution Flyer
Lift off with the fast, new, innovative way to travel and keep active all while having fun at the same time. The Y Flyer Stepper Scooter features super grip foot plates for ultimate comfort and control and unique forward propelling motion.  Built with a strong steel frame that's easily foldable for quick storage and travel plus a quick-response handbrake for increased control and security Suitable for boys and girls aged 7 and over.

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