Top 10 Toys

There were hundreds of toys sent our way this year! Congratulations to our TOP 10!

Barbie Star Light Adventure R/C Flying Hoverboard
Who says hoverboards are for boys? Based on the space fantasy movie Barbie Star Light Adventure, this working RC Hoverboard with Barbie doll rider on top is truly out of this world -- because it really flies! A shimmery remote features an easy-to-use joystick and a simple sliding lever to adjust the flying height. Four propellers work to lift the flying toy into the air, control the direction and complete amazing stunts.

Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real
With your touch, baby so real comes to life with animated LCD eyes that open, close and look around. Sensors allow for peek-a-boo and tickle play, feeding from a special bottle, burping, diaper changing, and rocking to sleep. If your baby should develop a Fever, you can calm those red cheeks by administering TLC from a magical spoon. A free companion app simulates a baby monitor and lets you play with baby in a virtual nursery- even earn points for additional virtual accessories!

CHiP Robot Toy Dog
CHiP is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. Using advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always alert, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behavior, so your CHiP will have his own personality.CHiP is smart enough play fetch and even automatically returns to his SmartBed to recharge himself when he’s low on battery!

Hatchimals need you to help them hatch and bring them to life.  You never know which one you'll get! The more you play, the faster it hatches. Watch your Hatchimal's eyes change color then start to peck away at the shell from the inside!  Once born, you can teach your Hatchimal how to talk and walk as it grows through three stages: baby, toddler and child.

Lego Disney Castle
COOLEST. LEGO. EVER!  The Disney Castle is huge at 4,000 pieces but the hours it will take to put together are just the start of playtime!  The open-back features all kinds of decked-out rooms to explore once the castle is built.  All of your favorite Disney Characters are there too!  You will be amazed by the features which can only be described as true Disney Magic!  Details include facade with a stone bridge, clock, wide arched entrance, mosaic floor tiling, ornate chandelier, suits of armor, shield-decorated walls, grandfather clock, floor-standing vase with buildable flower elements, magic carpet and a golden lamp- and that’s just on the first floor!

Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos
Get ready for high-speed action with Lionel Mega Tracks, the flexible rail system that lets you create extreme racetracks anywhere. Build the track your way: attach TwisTrack to almost any surface, then customize your creation with a quick twist or turn of the track. Rocket straight up a wall or speed through a gravity-defying corkscrew – no matter how extreme the stunt!

Lumi Gaming Drone With Follow Feature
Connect Lumi to a Smart device for tons of App-based gameplay.  The Lumi gaming drone is easy to operate thanks to EZ flight technology allows for instant stabilization, and awesome tricks with the simple push of a button.  Plus with the "Follow-Me" mode, Lumi follows its pilot's every move. Where you go, Lumi goes!  You can even program Lumi to perform custom choreographies to the beat of your music.

Mebo Robotic Alter Ego
The hi-tech robot, Mebo, provides endless ways to play and has a fun, customizable personality. An intuitive app controls Mebo’s movements. Features include a built-in POV camera that streams live in HD, articulated arm and gripping claw, two-way audio and microphone, six-wheels for ultimate control, a hotspot and remote access.

Props In A Box
In a play space filled with high-tech, I am THRILLED to have found Props In A Box.  It combines nostalgic make believe play & technology with the Props in a Box Movie Maker App. Each box pairs an unlikely duo like the pirate and dinosaur, princess and chef or fisherman and astronaut to get kids to think outside the box. Complete with plenty of props to spark hours of imagination and a backdrop to play in front of.  The Props in a Box Movie Maker App allows kids to record the play and add in custom special effects to the video.

Xtreme Cycle Moto Cam
Young cyclists can capture flips, tricks and sharp turns just like they do in extreme cycling with the built-in helmet cam! The patented gyroscopic stabilization system is designed to always right itself after it falls so it has non-stop action.  Spend less time righting the bike and more time playing! The remote control not only steers the cycle but also allows you to start and stop the video at any time – even in mid-jump! Moto-Cam has 640x480 VGA resolutions and allows kids to record video at 30 frames per second and store 90 minutes of video.

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