Vigil held for Lewisville store clerk killed during robbery

There was a vigil held Sunday evening for the gas station clerk killed by two armed robbers in Lewisville.

The 51-year-old victim, Ashraf Lakhani, was shot and killed early Friday morning at the Valero on East Corporate Dr. and I-35.

Lakhani was recently married and had two adult sons.

Family and friends remembered her at a candlelight vigil at the same gas station where she was killed.

Police are still looking for the armed robbers who killed Lakhani.

Co-workers say she was counting money when the two men came in. During the robbery, the gunman apparently said nothing to Lakhani before shooting her.

Lewisville police released a photo of one of the individuals believed to be responsible for the murder and robbery.

He’s seen wearing a blue zipper jacket with white stripes.

The other robber was wearing a black leather coat, dark pants, and black and white shoes.

They got away with just $217.