Video shows stunt rider fleeing police in North Texas

A dangerous motorcyclist is wanted by three different North Texas police departments for reckless driving and evading arrest.

The Blue Mound Police Department said officers got multiple calls Saturday about a man on a motorcycle driving recklessly, doing wheelies and cutting people off. When the officers tried to pull him over, he sped off.

“Any mistake they make could cause them to hurt themselves, wreck, roll their bike into a car, causing someone else to be hurt,” said Blue Mound Police Chief Dustin Steele.

The department shared video of the chase. The rider blows through several red lights and continues to cut wheelies while speeding away from officers on Interstate 820. Tips from the public helped police identify the man as Sebastian Gomez Andrade. Police say he may have also been involved in similar incidents in Saginaw and Fort Worth.

“It seems to be the same guy every time that has run from us,” Steele said. “There’s been a few occasions where he’s slowed down, taunted the officers, lifted up his mask and looked back. He’d let them get close enough where they could actually see his face.”

About three weeks ago, Southlake police put out video of a similar incident where a rider brake checked a motorcycle officer attempting to make a traffic stop. The video from that incident shows the officer using defensive moves to maintain control while several other stunt bikers swerve through traffic on Highway 114.

Even though the brake checker does not appear to be the same rider as the Blue Mound case, police are concerned about the trend.

“What these guys don’t realize is when they do these tricks on the highway and people are distracted watching them do this,” Chief Steele said. “And that could cause an accident, chain-reaction accident, cause many people to get hurt or possibly even killed just because they’re paying attention to what this guy’s doing.”

Police say the motorcycle registration isn’t up to date, but they know the bike belongs to someone else

Andrade is facing charges for reckless driving and evading arrest.