Search continues for aggressive coyote in Frisco

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The search for an aggressive coyote in Frisco is intensifying after two people were attacked, including a child.

The city sent animal control officers out searching for what they believe is a single coyote responsible for four incidents in the past month all near Eldorado Parkway and Preston Road.

The most recent attack occurred Wednesday morning. Residents are very concerned. Animal Control has been canvassing the area along with patrol officers throughout the day and especially during the early morning hours when the attacks have been happening.

“The thing that makes this stand out the most is its aggressiveness and its abnormal behavior,” said Frisco Police Officer Grant Cottingham.

That abnormal behavior was caught on a Frisco police officer’s dash camera on November 11. The video shows a coyote at Preston Road and Eldorado Parkway crossing the road and stalking a jogger. The officer scares it off with his sirens.

“The fact it actually approaching people and going after people, that’s what makes it different than the others,” Cottingham said. “Normally, it’s kind of like the other wild animals, they’re more scared of us that we are them.”

Frisco PD believes the same coyote is responsible for four incidents in the last month along Eldorado Parkway. All of those attacks happened between 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

The most vicious attack was Wednesday morning. Police say a coyote jumped on a jogger on the sidewalk of Eldorado Parkway. The victim was bitten in the neck and had to undergo surgery.

Police say the first incident was October 26. An aggressive coyote tried to jump on a runner but was scared off by a passerby.

On November 1, police say a coyote attacked a 9-year-old child who was treated for minor injuries. The incident in the dash cam video with the jogger being stalked was November 11.

Chris and Nanni Sanders just learned of the attacks. They say they will now rethink walking their dog in the nearby woods.

“I was scared, to be honest with you. We were going to continue walking down our normal path,” Chris said. “But because of that, we’re headed right home right now.”

“I was super scared because I normally walk at that time that that has happened,” Nanni said. “So now I really don’t want to go out and walk. It’s very scary. I don’t want nothing to happen.”

Video from SKY 4 shows the heavily wooded areas along a creek bed where the coyotes are believed to live. It’s surrounded by very populated areas in this fast-growing community. Over the years, Frisco residents say they’ve gotten used to seeing coyotes, but not aggressive ones.

“That scares me. I’ve never known a coyote to attack because they usually run from us,” said resident Tammy Hennigan. “So it just makes may be more aware with my small kids and my small pets.”

Authorities say the best defense is some kind of device that makes noise like a whistle or an air horn or pepper spray.  Police or encouraging people not to go walking with their small animals. If you see a coyote, you are asked to call 911.