Reward offered in case of missing Mesquite mother

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There is now a reward available for information in the case of a missing young mother from Mesquite.

The family of 26-year-old Prisma Reyes is offering $2,500 for information that leads to a break in the case.

Reyes disappeared on April 17 while on her lunch break from her job at a used car lot in Dallas. She was last seen on surveillance video at The Olympus on Ross Apartments in Old East Dallas and her car was found not far from there.

Family members said her ex-boyfriend lives in the complex. It’s a relationship that Reyes’ family said ended badly.

Her family knew something was wrong when Reyes didn't pick up her child from the babysitter. That’s something she wouldn’t willingly do, they said.

Her sister, Esmeralda Peralta, said calls to her cell phone just rang and rang -- eventually going to voicemail. Now, the phone appears to be turned off or the battery was drained.

"Come home, we need her. Her son needs her. She needs to come home, we miss her," Peralta said.

Police say they have no suspects or persons of interest.

Reyes' family continues to pass out flyers all over the area where she was last seen in hopes someone might have some useful information.

“Prisma, we're doing all we can, we're trying to find you. We love you, we're doing all we can to try and bring you home,” Dan Fuchs, Reyes' stepfather, said.

It’s been more than a month since anyone last heard from Reyes.

She was last seen Wednesday, April 17, around 5:50 p.m., on surveillance cameras at an apartment complex off Roseland and McCoy in Old East Dallas.

Police say the person she's seen talking to on the phone has been interviewed, and is not a suspect, but also has not provided any solid leads.

Her family reported her missing when she didn't show up to pick up her son from the babysitter that evening at her usual time of 7:40 p.m.

The next day, police found her white Jeep Wrangler abandoned behind the Olympus on Ross Apartments.

“She would never leave, not just up and leave like this no,” Fuchs said. “There's just no way, she just wouldn't do that. Her first and foremost was the love for her son.”

Fuchs says he regularly walks the area where Reyes was last seen multiple times a week to hand out flyers and talk to anyone he sees in hopes that someone might know something.

“We're out putting them on poles. We're going to put them on windshield wipers to try and keep beating the pavement, get people thinking more and more and more, to remember this and maybe it'll trigger something in their mind,” Fuchs added.

Fuchs has rented billboards, he has Reyes' face plastered on his car, and he's offering a $2,500 reward for information. He’s stopping at nothing to bring her back home. 

“She is out there, and I honestly feel in my heart and I pray to God every day she will be brought back to us safely,” Fuchs added.

Mesquite police are asking for new tips and leads in the case. Anyone with information should call 972-285-6336.