Protesters make appearance at Arlington's National Night Out

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Activists brought a casket to a crowded national night out event in Arlington to protest a recent deadly police shooting.

Protesters say they attended Tuesday’s event to try to find out the identity of the officer who shot and killed a man last month.

Protesters carried a casket in front of kids who came to meet officers at Meadowbrook Park in Arlington.

Lee Merritt is O’Shae Terry’s family's civil attorney. Asked if it was the right place and time for a protest, he said it was the perfect place since it was a community event and the community is still grieving.

Merritt and others went to protest the death of O’Shae Terry, who was shot and killed by an Arlington police officer September 1. Body camera video shows Terry start his SUV as police were questioning him during a traffic stop. The officer jumped on the SUV’s running board, grabbed the window and fired several shots.

Police had been questioning Terry and his passenger about drugs and found a gun and drugs inside the SUV.

Merritt says it’s hypocritical that the Arlington Police Department says it is transparent, but it will not release the officer’s name.

A spokesperson for the police department says the officer is on administrative leave, is not interacting with the public at this time and does not have his badge or firearm.

“We’re approaching officers, respectfully asking them if they killed O’Shae Terry or if they have any information about the person who did,” Merritt said.

After the protest at the park, the protesters gathered at a nearby intersection. They continued to protest, asking for the officer to be identified.

Terry’s case will go to a grand jury, but that timetable has not been set. It could take more than six months.

Merritt says Terry’s family also plans to file a civil suit against the department and the officer.