Police: Pedestrian driven over after stabbing driver during road rage incident in Fort Worth

One person was stabbed and another was run over in a road rage incident in Fort Worth.

The violent incident Sunday night started with some kind of argument between a pedestrian and a driver in the 2300 block of Ridgemar Boulevard, north of Interstate 30.

Fort Worth police said the argument escalated and the driver got out of the vehicle. The pedestrian pulled out a knife and stabbed the driver.

The driver and a passenger both got back into their vehicle and at that point police believe the pedestrian jumped onto the front of the vehicle, damaging the windshield.

The pedestrian fell under the vehicle, got rolled over and was dragged for some time.

The pedestrian was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The driver refused medical treatment after the incident, police said.

Police said their investigation is still ongoing. There’s no word yet on if either person will face charges.