Freezing temps lead to more frozen pipes

With temperatures getting above freezing for the first time in three days, more frozen pipe problems were discovered at North Texas homes. As expected, plumbers were busy during the thaw.

Alma Moore is over this winter freeze. The plunging temperatures are believed to be a contributing factor to a pipe that burst inside her South Dallas home.

“Then I heard this water dripping,” she recalled. “So I stuck that pan under there and the pan started filling up.”

Moore, who takes care of her elderly mother, says so much water started gushing out of the pipe underneath her kitchen sink that she had to call the city to shut it off.

Moore contacted several plumbers listed in the yellow pages. By early evening, a plumber was able to make it to her house. She says she kept the faucet dripping and opened the cabinet doors to let heat in as is recommended but still had a problem.

Nick Key with A#1 Air says every call he's been on over the past three days has been weather-related.

“The older homes due to installation and the copper really. Copper really is more susceptible to freezing,” he explained. “It's been tough. I’ve been pretty much working all night. We were out last night until about two just fixing all the leaks we can.”

Even though North Texas is finally starting to warm up just a little bit, it’s still extremely cold overnight. Key says it’s still important to keep faucets dripping and cabinets open so the heat can keep the pipes warm.