Family of Plano gunman: no excuse for his horrific actions

The family of the man who murdered a house full of people before being shot dead by cops at a Dallas Cowboys watch party in Plano released a statement saying there’s no excuse for his actions.

Spencer Hight, 32, killed his estranged wife Meredith, 27, and seven others last Sunday night at a home in central Plano. The first responding officer on scene realized what was happening when he arrived and shot and killed Hight.

“There can be no rational excuse for his horrific actions. We, as a family, express our deepest sorrow and condolences to all of the families and friends of the victims. These young, vibrant lives did not deserve to be taken,” the family said.

The other victims were:  Anthony Michael Cross, 33, Olivia Nicole Deffner, 24, James Richard Dunlop, 29, Darryl William Hawkins, 22, Rion Christopher Morgan, 31, Myah Sade Bass, 28, Caleb Seth Edwards, 25.

“Meredith was adored by us; we loved her so much. We loved her bright spirit, her hospitality, her strength, and her humor. Rion and James were loyal friends who were always so kind to our family, and Tony was one of our daughter's beloved college friends. They are sorely missed. We grieve for the loss of these people so close to us as well as the other amazing people who are now gone and the many left traumatized and forever changed by Spencer's devastating acts of violence,” the family said.

The family said they are still trying to process their emotions after what happened and are thankful that the responding officer acted quickly and bravely.

“We continue to pray for everyone experiencing this unimaginable grief. To our daughter-in-law and sister-in-law Meredith, Rion, James, Tony, Darryl, Myah, Caleb, Olivia, and the young woman still in the hospital, we mourn for you and are sorry beyond expression.”

Plano police said each of the eight murders is being treated as an individual case, which means it could take weeks if not months to complete the formal investigation.