Couple caught on camera leaving 2 small dogs in crates on stranger's doorstep in Katy

"It's crazy. We couldn't wrap our heads around it," said Selena Cruz.

Cruz's partner Edwin Aguilar was at work Wednesday afternoon when he got an alert from his Ring doorbell camera.

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"It's two dogs in cages in front of my door," he said.

"I get this call from my partner saying there are two dogs outside," Cruz said. "I thought he was joking, and I'm like I'm on an important call. I'm going to have to call you back."

"I'm like sure, but I just want to let you know there are two dogs in front of our door," said Aguilar.

Cruz opens the door to find two dogs in crates and a bag of food.

"And we are just confused," she said.

"They didn't have collars, they didn't have any tags," Aguilar said.

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When the couple checks the video, they see a man and woman put the crates down and walk away.

"No police ever came to my house. He just said he wasn't coming since there was no crime committed," she said. "I was flabbergasted how is this not a crime."

"The animal control officer I talked to this morning said, that in this case, it is considered animal abandonment and that it is illegal," said Tena Lundquist Faust, Co-president of Houston PetSet.

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While you don't see something like this everyday, animal advocates say they are seeing a rise in people abandoning their pets.

"We've seen dogs alongside the road in crates, just left to languish to die," Lundquist-Faust said. "We've seen injured animals in shopping carts along city streets,"

"It's like they are not trying to hide themselves, so we aren't exactly sure why they chose this house," said Aguilar.


"Who are these people? They're not trying to hide their identities," Cruz said. "They have no shame in what they're doing, it's like they're taking out trash."

"Even if you're up against a wall or in a hard place, you still have to care for your animal," Lundquist-Faust said. "It's your responsibility."

This story has a happy ending for the two adorable pups.

Aguilar posted the video on social media and now the dogs are in forever homes.