Body cam shows moments after Parker County deputy shot in foot

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Newly released body camera video captured the moment a Parker County sheriff’s deputy was shot Monday night. Authorities are still looking for the shooter.

The deputy was investigating a report of someone illegally hunting deer on private property when the shooter shot him in the foot. After an extensive search for the shooter and three days with no arrest, the sheriff is hoping the release of new video might help generate some leads.

Two shots were fired into the dark at Deputy Jarrett Turner as he and a property owner search the area for someone trespassing to go deer hunting.

In the moments after on his body camera, Deputy Turner can be heard calling for help and trying to get to his patrol unit.

In the video, the two shots fired can be heard as Turner and the property owner approached a tree near where they believe an illegal deer blind was set up. Then, you can hear the hurried moments after as the deputy tries to process what happened.

From the sound of the shots, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler believes the rifle had a silencer.

“With me, it’s just pure anger,” the sheriff said. “I mean, all this over a deer? It just doesn't make any sense.”

The property owner had reported someone illegally deer hunting on their property on the 4000 block of Cattlebaron Drive around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

The sheriff says the original trespassing call they were out there responding to would’ve probably just been a citation. But the shooter is now facing a felony charge of attempted murder.

“Remember, there’s two shots,” Fowler said. “If you’re just trying to scare somebody, might talk to me about one — but not two.”

Deputy Turner has since been released from the hospital and is at home recovering. The sheriff says you can’t see the shooter in the video and the deputy didn't get a look either.

“Needless to say, every member of this agency is upset about this whole thing,” the sheriff said. “It was a trespassing case turns into something like this? It’s terrible.”

Authorities hope a $17,000 reward will encourage someone to come forward with information on the shooter.