Allen ISD releases list of schools where alleged child sex predator worked

Little by little, Allen ISD is releasing more information about a teacher who was indicted for two counts of sexually abusing a child. 

In a third message to parents Wednesday night, Allen ISD released the list of nine campuses where Tony Mattei has worked for the district since he started as a substitute teacher in 2019. They are: Allen High School, Curtis Middle School, Boyd, Cheatham, Green, Olson, Preston, Story and Vaughan.

There are now questions about why Allen ISD initially tried to investigate the outcry of abuse on its own before notifying Child Protective Services.

FOX 4 wanted to talk with the superintendent about the district's process, but a spokesperson declined our request for an interview. 

Attorney Josh Sandler conducts independent investigations but is not involved with this case. He says parents deserve a thorough accounting of decisions made by Allen ISD.

"At the end of the day, sunshine is the best remedy," he said.

Allen ISD teacher indicted for indecency with a child

The district first investigated an outcry of sexual abuse from a student on its own. And when it did not substantiate it, CPS got involved.

That led to a grand jury indictment of Curtis Middle School teacher Tony Mattei on two counts of sexual indecency with a child.

To answer questions about Allen ISD's process, the district has hired Scott Cummings with Adams, Lynch & Lofton as an independent third-party investigator. The firm regularly handles grievances with school districts. 

"Independent party can find out facts your own people can't. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes that's bad," Sandler said. "It's always a good idea to hire a third party. The trick is you always want to make sure that third party is actually going to be independent."

Allen ISD will be paying the third party that’s ultimately charged with investigating the district. 

Sandler says one way to help ensure impartiality is not allowing the client to weigh in on the final report.

"You want your client, the people hiring you to make sure they are not going to dictate any outcomes," he said. "Was a draft provided for someone who was paying those bills first for an initial vetting? Or was it, ‘Here are the cold hard facts, and let me present it exactly as they are.’"

North Mesquite HS teacher’s aide arrested for child sex assault

We already know the scope of the investigation is expanding.

Wednesday evening, Allen ISD released the eight other locations where Mattei had served as a substitute teacher for 15 days between 2019 and 2020 before becoming a full-time teacher in 2021.

Dan Powers with the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County says it is important for parents to open up a dialogue with their children. 

"Simple questions. Is anyone hurting you or making you uncomfortable? Simple questions can open a long conversation about many things," he said.

A spokesman for the district told FOX 4 in a statement that "the district has given the investigator clear instruction to conduct the investigation independent of influence by the district and to thoroughly and honestly review the matter."