Affidavit: DPD officer bribed with Pappadeaux gift card in gambling scandal

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The fourth Dallas police officer that had a warrant issued for his arrest this week has posted bond and was not booked in to any jail.

A judge allowed Edrick Smith's book-in to be waived and was able to post bond. He was arrested in 2017 when he was charged with several crimes including bribery of a police officer.

The police officer Smith was accused of bribing is Sergeant Latasha Moore. She was arrested for her alleged part in a different gambling operation. She tipped off the Public Integrity Unit to what Smith was allegedly into and taped their conversations for police.

Smith’s arrest affidavit says the Blue Dragon Event Center in southeast Oak Cliff is where bets were placed on sporting events.

“It’s very surprising that this is happening,” said Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway.

Smith is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, money laundering, misuse of information, bribery, fraud and gambling promotion.

Sergeant Shannon Browning is also charged with organized criminal activity and money laundering.

Senior Corporals Edward Van Meter and Rogers Williams are charged with the lesser crime of gambling promotion.

The four tenured officers are 9- to 11-year SWAT officers. It appears Smith was at the center of it all. An arrest affidavit from December 27 lays out how the case was made against him.

Moore was arrested for gambling promotion. Earlier this month, she helped make the first cases against Smith.

The affidavit says Moore “was given a pocket recording device… to record any conversation.” In a recording, Smith told her “if you just keep an eye out for you boy,” asking to be tipped off about any gambling raids at the Blue Dragon.

Smith reportedly told Moore that in return “I’m gonna bless your game, man." He suggested he'll take care of her for providing information. After asking Moore if she ate at Pappadeaux, he said “aight (sic) gonna get you, get you a gift card to Pappadeaux."

While Moore recorded her conversation with smith, the two were also recorded by detectives with cameras. There could be more arrests.

“Hopefully not, but the investigations continue to go forward and dominos continue to fall,” Caraway said.

The attorney representing Van Meter and Williams says he hasn’t seen the police affidavit either and doesn’t know what the department has against his clients.

Attempts to reach Browning's attorney were not successful.

Smith's attorney said he would speak with FOX 4 at a later time but has yet to call.