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Severe Weather Closings Help

FOX 4 and are proud to offer an automated severe weather closings system that makes it easy and fast to get your critical closing and delay information on television and on the Web. When weather threatens to shut down schools and businesses here in North Texas, you can count on FOX 4 and to alert you.

Report a Closing

If you already have an organization ID and password for our automated system, call 1-800-288-5339 to report a closing. If you do not have an organization ID and password, read more about registering your organization below.

Get on the List

Before we can announce your closings or delays, we'll need to assign you an organization ID and password that will allow you to use our automated system. To get an ID and password, please contact FOX 4 News Managing Editor Matt Taylor at or call 214-720-3360. Please include the name of those authorized to announce a closure on behalf of the school or business and a telephone number for return calls. If you're listing a business, let us how many employees would be affected by our announcement. We reserve the right to restrict the numbers of businesses we put on the air, in order to make sure schools get first priority.

Contact Us

For questions about the system during business hours only, please e-mail or call 214-720-3360.