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Warmer weather for the week ahead

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  • Warmer weather for the week ahead
  • A local family is getting worldwide attention because of their book.
  • Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties all reported record-high vote totals for the first day of early voting.
  • A family of five is without a home after a wild chase and crash.
  • School friends of Zuzu Verk prayed using candles and music Monday night that the young woman is found soon.
  • A 17-year-old is one of only ten people in the world to earn a perfect AP Computer Science exam.
  • Both sides started making their final pitch on Monday to voters in Arlington deciding the fate of a new covered stadium for the Texas Rangers.
  • A deal is reportedly in the works that would allow all of the affected tenants to stay until the end of the school year so they could find other housing.