Texas Democratic women call Sid Miller's comments unacceptable

Texas Democratic women say what was on Sid Miller's Twitter feed was more than disrespectful and that he is linked in thoughts actions with Donald Trump.

Miller’s Twitter account called Hillary Clinton a c--t in a tweet that was quickly deleted on Tuesday. Miller first said his Twitter account was hacked --- then placed the blame on a staffer who he said he had doing re-tweets for him, even though the post wasn’t a retweet.

“To hear a state official call our Democratic nominee for president a word that is vile, that is vulgar, that is hateful and that is most importantly disrespectful – it’s degrading, it’s embarrassing and I’ve had enough,” said State Rep. Diana Arevalo(D) San Antonio.

SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson said Miller’s actions weren’t out of character with previous things he’s done.

“I wish I could say I was surprised, but Sid Miller is sometimes called ‘Yosimite Sid’ because he's given to political theatrics and mistakes,” Jillson said. “This one was so tasteless though.”

Democrats on Wednesday said the message being sent about women is the wrong one.

“It’s okay to be bullied in the media it’s okay for men holding public office to bash you or for them to brag about sexually assaulting a woman,” Arevalo said. The sexual assault reference is to the allegations made against Donald Trump by a dozen women and his own words, dismissed as locker room talk on an Access Hollywood tour bus 11 years ago

While the governor has condemned the tweet -- mistake or not -- no one else in the state’s elected leadership has said a word.

“I appreciate the governor speaking out. But where is the Texas chair of the Trump campaign the Lt. Governor? He has been silent and the fact that so many Republican leaders continue to endorse and support this behavior is so unacceptable we can hardly find words for our outrage,” said Austin councilwoman Ann Kitchen.

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