Woman says butt injections left her with health problems

A woman who says she got injections to increase the size of her buttocks says the procedure has left her disfigured and with health problems.

She said she has marks on her backside from her first -- and last -- session of black-market butt injections.

"I found a deal," the woman said. "I thought I found a deal and went with that instead of looking more into it."

She says she got the injections at a now-abandoned Deep Ellum shop -- the same location where the body of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid was found two weeks ago. Her cause of death is still pending.

The woman FOX 4 spoke to on Monday was told she needed to undergo four sessions at a cost of $2,000 each. She saved up and paid $8,000, which was demanded up front in cash.

"Did that raise a red flag with you?" asked FOX 4's Dionne Anglin.

"It did, it did," said the woman. "But I was just like, in this state of mind, ‘Who cares? I got it so I'm going to do it.'"  

The woman who gave the injections, she says, was a lady the staff called "Dr. W," or sometimes Wewe. 

"The only thing I had was her Facebook, and that's how I contacted her," said the woman who got the injections. "It was so, like…professional."

She says on the day of her procedure, she was given pills to help her relax. She had two friends with her who watched it all, and it was her friends who ended up yelling at Dr. W to stop midway through.

"I was bleeding too much," said the woman. "Like, the stuff was coming back out, and they just was like, ‘Stop.' Like, ‘She's not aware of what's going on; just stop.'"

The woman says she doesn't remember anything, but now, her sides are misshaped and she has a hard nodule on one side. She's now consulting with Dr. Bill Johnson.

Johnson says it's likely that the "silicone" injection she got was silicone caulk, which is something sold at hardware stores. He's seeing more and more women come in for consultations to correct so-called "backroom butt injections."

"It's not enforced very stringently by law enforcement because historically, it hasn't been a big problem," said Johnson. "...[it] needs to be more aggressively addressed."

The woman tried to get her money back, but soon after, she found the shop abandoned, and Dr. W was nowhere to be found.

It's unknown if Reid underwent the same cosmetic procedure as the woman FOX 4 spoke to, and if so, whether that contributed to her death.

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