Video shows DISD substitute cursing at student

For the second time this year, a Dallas ISD employee has been caught on cell phone camera cursing at a student.

This time, it was a 68-year-old substitute teacher at Skyline High School.

The incident happened Monday and the recording shows the exchange between the substitute, Mark Schaefer, and high school junior Eric Malone. Schaefer was reportedly aware of the recording.

"Students had told me that he started saying racial slurs, that he said, ‘Little black kid,'" said Malone. "And I asked him, I asked did he say ‘Little black kid?' And he said, ‘Yes, I probably did say it and I probably said worse.'"

The exchange continues, and at one point, Schaefer isn't just directing comments at Malone anymore.

Schaefer: "You're too lightweight for me."

Malone: "OK."

Schaefer: "Get one of your Mexican friends to play with [unintelligible]. They call ‘em in L.A, they call ‘em the vatos."

Malone then asks a question, getting the sub to repeat what he said earlier.

Malone: "But what you say you gonna do to my daddy?"

Schaefer: "I'm gonna have a little chat with him."

Malone: "Nah. What, what you say? You say you gonna put a cap in him?"

Schaefer: "If he wants to mess with me, I will, yeah."  

"So when he tells me, tells my child, the things that he would do if I came to the school to visit to see what the problem was, then it made me feel bad," said Malone's father, Eric Malone, Sr.

The recording then shows Schaefer using profanity.

Schaefer: "If you want to [expletive] with me, I'll show you what's time it is in Detroit, [expletive] Michigan right [expletive] now."

Malone, Jr.: "OK."

Schaefer: "You got something to [expletive] say?"

Malone, Jr.: "OK. Nah, I got something to say 'cause I'm recording you right now."

Schaefer: "Go ahead and record me, [expletive.]"

"The substitute teacher shouldn't work in DISD, shouldn't work as a teacher anywhere, ‘cause you know if he does it here, then he'll go elsewhere and do the same thing," said Malone, Sr.

In an email, the district wrote, "The behavior of the substitute was completely inappropriate. Once school administrators learned of the incident, he was removed from campus and will not be invited to return. We have much higher expectations for our staff."

"When he was saying that, I felt very disrespected because I didn't never think a teacher would say anything like that," said Malone, Jr.

While FOX 4 was at the Malone home on Tuesday, the principal called, apologized to the father and told him the substitute was fired on the spot on Monday.  

Malone, Sr. says it's not over -- he plans to file charges against the substitute.

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