VIDEO: Officer smashes window after driver repeatedly refuses to comply

Video of an Addison police officer smashing through the window of a driver's car is quickly going viral. The driver repeatedly refused to submit to the officer's authority.

Someone, presumably the driver, posted the clip on YouTube with the following description:

"Addison Cop violating my rights when I refused to SUBMIT to his bogus claims. Brown v Texas - Officers CAN NOT demand a person to self identify unless then cops has seen them in a commission of a Felony. I was just going from point A to B... this is at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning going to work..."

The driver, 49-year-old Scott Richardson, was under the belief that he could not be pulled over solely for speeding and in the video continues to recite his perceived rights to the officer.

"According to the state of Texas, the actual… uhm… aeh, it is the, uhm… oh you know, the uh," he says. "Speeding in and of itself is not illegal."

The officer again asks the driver for identification and warns he could be arrested for failure to identify. After about four minutes of this he gets visibly frustrated, smashes in the window and makes the arrest.

Addison police said 49-year-old Scott Damon Richardson was arrested and charged for driving with an invalid license, having an expired license plate and failure to present his driver's license upon lawful demand.

The department said he might have gotten off with just warnings for speeding and an improper lane change if he had just cooperated with the officer.

"Why not just hand over your license and registration?" FOX 4 asked Richardson on Friday.

Richardson: "Why just give them everything? Why give up your rights when you don't have to? Why? Why?"

FOX 4: "Were you trying to provoke the officer?"

Richardson: "No."

FOX 4: "What did you expect him to do when you started speaking to him?"

Richardson: "Recognize my rights."

FOX 4: "The right to...?"

Richardson: "The right to not have to give up my papers...this is not Nazi Germany."

Richardson says if faced with the choice, he would do it all over again.

"Every bit of it," said Richardson. "I would do it all over again because I was right, and if I'm right, I'm not gonna back down. If you're right, do you back down? Do you...who's gonna back down if you're right?" 

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