Suspect accused of kidnapping says she's innocent

A woman who was arrested in Dallas Wednesday night in connection to a child abduction tells FOX 4 that she's innocent.

Brianah Blount, 23, was charged with two counts of kidnapping and had active warrants out for her at the time of her arrest.

Police say that they responded to the Garland Road Thrift Store just before 6 p.m. Wednesday.

There, the father of two children and a witness told officers that an unknown woman had walked out of the store with the two children.

About 20 minutes later, officers got a call about an abandoned child in the 2400 block of Laughlin Drive.

Another witness had seen the woman with the children and called 911, and both children were found safely and returned to their father.

Detectives investigated, and Blount was subsequently arrested. She remains in the Lew Sterrett Jail.

Blount spoke to FOX 4 on Friday. She admitted to illegal drug use, but says she is innocent of kidnapping and was only trying to protect the children.

"I notice this little girl," said Blount. "She's walking around. I'm like, ‘Where are your parents? Are you OK? Are you lost?' And she's like, ‘I don't know,' just kind of shrugging. Then she eventually told me that her mom was in training; that she wasn't there. Then I saw a little boy…I said, ‘Well here's your dad?' ‘He dropped us off and  he left.'"

So Blount says she took the kids, ages 4 and 7. She says she did so to keep them safe.

"Did you take the kids to an employee in the store or to a manager?" FOX 4 asked.

"I did. I took them to the front. I'm pretty sure I just went in the front was like, ‘Hey, I need to borrow a phone. These kids have…I can't believe these kids' parents,' and they said no."

Blount and the kids wound up at an apartment complex more than four miles from the thrift store.

"Who took you there?" FOX 4 asked.

"Uh...what was his name?" said Blount.

"So a stranger took you from the thrift store to the apartments?" asked FOX 4.

"Well, I knew I could trust him," said Blount.

"So, the person that took you from the thrift store to the apartments whose name you don't remember…" said FOX 4.

"Reggie," said Blount. "His name was Reggie."

"Did Reggie have a phone?" FOX 4 asked.

"Yes, he had one," said Blount.

But Blount says she didn't want to use his phone because he began acting strange.

At the apartments where the kids were taken, Blount's friend April says she called police, and that the kids played with her cat until the cops arrived.

Blount's story differs. She says she took April's phone and called 911 herself.

"I need to ask you, do you do drugs of any type?" FOX 4 asked Blount.

"Uh-uh," said Blount. "I've never been addicted to drugs in my entire life."

"But do you do them without being addicted?" asked FOX 4.

"Uh…before, yes," said Blount. "I did about three or four days ago, once a day or every other day. That hotel is very, very affiliated with something called ice."

Ice is the street name for methamphetamine.

"And you did about three or four days before all this went down?" asked FOX 4.

"Uh...that day," said Blount. "I did, like, that previous morning, that's when I did that…I've never done anything to hurt anybody. I felt like I needed to keep those kids safe."

Blount is being held no bond and is in what's called behavioral observation in jail.

She also has a few other charges, including assault on a public servant for allegedly kicking a nurse in the chest.

That happened while she was being treated in the Baylor emergency room Dec. 14.

FOX 4 has not been able to get in contact with the father of the two children.  

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