Supt. Mike Miles opens up about efforts to have him fired

A court-ordered meeting of Dallas ISD trustees on Friday could end the tenure of Superintendent Mike Miles, but Miles is getting support from Dallas City Hall.

Miles opened up to FOX 4 on Thursday.

"Mr. Miles, how did we get here where there's this conversation about your job again?" FOX 4's Shaun Rabb asked.

"Look, for three years, we've been focused on the things that will make a difference for kids," said Miles.

But Dallas ISD trustee Bernadette Nutall is among the board members who don't see eye to eye with Miles, and says he's implemented program on top of program without knowing what will work to lift the district and its dangerously low performing schools.

"I get it, right?" said Miles. "When there's reforms and tough change, people are gonna identify the initiator with that. So if people don't like teacher evals, you know, they're gonna try to focus on me. People don't like the ACE program, they're gonna focus on me. That's part of the job; that's part of the territory."

"The state measures districts and schools and students by the STAAR and their four index: student achievement, student progress, closing performance gap and post-secondary readiness, and in all of them, we went from 70 to 35 in closing achievement gap," said Nutall in a separate interview with FOX 4.

"And that would be regressing?" said Rabb.

"Regressing," said Nutall.

"Shaun, the achievement gap grew over the last 20, 30 years, and it's remained relatively flat," said Miles. "We've closed it just a little bit. True, it's still large; it's too large, but its gonna take us a while to do that, so we'll get there. It's moving in the right direction."

"What do you say to those who would say, ‘Well, the board, or some of the board, has simply fought him every step of the way?'" asked Rabb.

"It's easy to say that Bernadette Nutall is combative and Bernadette Nutall is difficult, but then once you get past the personal the issues that Bernadette Nutall is raising, are they facts?" said Nutall. "Are they there?"

"There's some natural tension there," said Miles. "The fact that we have we continue to have natural tension is just part…part of transforming a district."

"We were excited about a new opportunity of a new person coming in in 2012 to make great changes and wonderful things for our students, but now in 2015, I think we need to cut our losses," said Nutall.

"What about tomorrow? Are you concerned at all about tomorrow?" Rabb asked Miles.

"You know, my job is to stay focused, and I've been here before…I've been here," said Miles.

"OK, so you're not concerned?" said Rabb.

"I'm not concerned, no," said Miles.

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