North Texas teen saves men during stabbing attack

A North Texas 17-year-old will be honored Friday night for his quick thinking by saving the lives of two men he works with.

Cell phone video captured the incident in which a Fort Worth store owner and employee tried to run off a trespasser. Things got ugly when a knife was pulled out.

The incident happened two weeks ago at Deal Trading in Fort Worth. The owner says he confronted a man who was trespassing. But within seconds, things turned violent. He says he and his employee are alive because of the quick thinking of two teens.

Tony Springfield was shooting video on his cell phone of a man identified by police as 25-year-old Jesse Dominguez, who was trespassing on the business he runs on Jacksboro Highway in Fort Worth two weeks ago.

“We asked him to leave the property, and we were waiting on the police,” Springfield recalled.

The store owner says Dominguez pulled a knife from his pocket and attacked. He dropped his phone when it happened. His employee and friend, Rick Chappell, jumped in first to try and stop Dominguez and was stabbed eight times.

"When I finally realized I was stabbed, I already had the stroke on the left side of my face,” Chappell recalled. “And at that point, I reached up and I started holding because of the pain it started setting in. And it was just gushing blood. At that point, I was screaming for Tony to save me. Tony got the guy off of me and held him back until Tony started getting stabbed."

"As I got him off of Rick, then he started stabbing me. He got me here at about 5 times in the back,” Springfield recalled. “I remember holding him up and the knife full of blood right there in front of my face and while this was still gushing blood."

That was when 17-year-old Colby Williams and his friend, Dillon, stepped in. They were both employees.

"It's just my first reaction,” Williams said. “I've never seen that much blood before, and I knew that I had to do something.”

While Dillon held Dominguez down for police, Williams ran to Chappell.

"I saw him, and there was just blood everywhere,” Williams recalled. “So I rushed him to my truck."

“And he got me to the fire department because I couldn't have made it to the hospital,” Chappell said. “He got me to the fire department and saved my life."

"He just kept on telling me, ‘Keep me alive! Keep me alive.’ And I did my best to do it,” Williams recalled.

Springfield was taken by care-flight to the hospital. One of his lungs was punctured.

"I thank the Lord for watching after me and saving my life,” Springfield said. “It really makes you think how fast life can disappear."

Williams will be recognized by the Lake Worth Fire Department at the Boyd High School Football game this Friday night.

"I can't pay these guys back enough. I can't pay Colby back enough,” Chappell said. “Because if he hadn't gotten me there fast enough within just a few more seconds or minutes, that would have been it. I would have been gone."

Fort Worth police say Dominguez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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