Most Texas electors sticking with Donald Trump

People who don't want Donald Trump as president are working electors over in Texas and elsewhere to change their vote. But most electors say they will stick with Trump.

Those electors who dont vote as they have pledged are called faithless electors or Hamilton electors, after founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Susan Fischer and Candy Nobles say they’re excited to be delegates to the Electoral College, but the attention that’s going with it is intense.

“The pressure that’s being put on electors this time is, I think, unprecedented,” Nobles said.

They both said they’re getting pressure not to vote for Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets.

“I’m getting calls from all over the country with different area codes, so I’m assuming that it’s to do with being an elector,” Fischer said.

Nobles said one elector told her she was getting threats and now her mail goes to the FBI.

Trump won Texas and electors should follow the will of their state, but at least one Texan isn’t.

Texas Delgate Christopher Suprun told Fox the constitution allows him to vote for someone other than

“The Electoral College is designed to be a safety check if electors are not comfortable with the candidate running,” Suprun said.

Hamilton he believed the purpose of the college was to stop anyone viewed as unfit or unworthy from holding the office of president.

Trump won 306 Electoral College delegates, but he lost the popular vote by 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton.

“There is a significant percentage of the population that really doesn’t like him and they still want to be heard,” said David Coale, constitutional law expert. “The constitution is set up to have that one additional place in the process to have their voices heard.”

Protests, like the ones in the days after the general election, are planned for Dec. 19 when electors gather to vote.

“I’m a little bit apprehensive arriving at the capitol,” Fischer said. “I’m excited to be going.”

For those pressuring Fischer and Nobles not to vote for Trump – they can forget it.

“Delusional, because I’m not gonna change my mind,” Nobles said.

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