Man questions why Godley officer tased him

A man says he went to police and the city for help about a problem with a neighbor, but he ended up getting tased and arrested by a Godley police officer in Johnson County.

Ricky Scott has lived in Godley for the last 20 years, so when he went to city hall three months ago to pay his water bill and ended up getting tased and arrested, he says he didn't deserve it, and he says surveillance video of the incident proves that he's right.

The surveillance video, which the family obtained just days ago, is from July 3.

In it, Ricky is seen sitting in a chair. He and his wife, Patricia, who can't yet be seen in the video, are in the front lobby of Godley City Hall.

They asked for a code enforcement officer, but a Godley police officer comes in instead.

"Hey, what's going on?" the officer says.

"I need to talk with a code enforcement officer,” Ricky says.

Officer:  "OK. Well, what's going on? You have ID on you?"

Ricky Scott: “Yeah, I got ID. You don't need it."

Officer: "Yeah, I do."

Ricky Scott: "No, you don't."

Patricia Scott: "Show him your ID."

Officer: "Turn around. Stand up for me."

Ricky Scott: "No, I ain't."

Patricia Scott: “Ricky, chill."

Ricky Scott admits that he refused the officer’s first request for his ID.

"Why did you say no, initially?” said FOX 4’s Brandon Todd.

“I figured he come up to help me, you know, I wasn’t a victim there,” said Ricky. “I just…I thought I wasn’t a victim. You know what I mean? Just a person coming up to ask for help so I figured he wouldn't need…I figured he’d know me anyway. I've been here 21 years.”

The next portion of the video is where Ricky Scott says he was tased for no reason.

"Do we really have to go this way?” the officer says.

"You want to go this way?” Ricky says.

"Ricky!" Ricky’s wife says.

Officer: [Inaudible]

Ricky Scott: "I'm giving you my ID."

Officer: "Turn around! Turn around! Turn around. Turn around. Sir, turn around."

Ricky then gets tased.

“And I'm thinking, ‘Why are you telling him to turn around?’” said Patricia Scott. “He's got his license and he's trying to give it to ya."

Patricia Scott can be heard chastising her husband at first to just show the officer his ID.

And Ricky Scott, who was diagnosed with skin cancer six years ago and says he has heart issues, admits that he was sarcastic to the officer.

But the Scotts say that this just wasn't a situation where it was necessary to use a taser.

"And all I heard him say was, ‘Turn around, turn around, turn around,’ and he tased me in the back,” said Ricky.

Ricky says when he fell to the ground, he was having a seizure.

"They said I was resisting arrest, but you can see on the film I wasn't moving; I wasn't resisting nothing,” he said. “He's even standing over me saying I'm resisting arrest."

"Ricky's passed a background to adopt the children,” said Patricia. “He used to work at D/FW Airport, so he had to pass an FBI background. I mean, he's never been in trouble.”

"I want everything dropped,” said Ricky. “They want to put me on probation and all this stuff and a hefty fine, and I don't think I deserve it.”

FOX 4 had plenty of questions for Godley police.

We were told by the acting chief that he couldn't comment on the incident, and that FOX 4 needed to speak with the city attorney, who is Dallas attorney Cass Calloway.

After speaking with his legal assistant Friday and on Monday and asking several times for a return call, FOX 4 still has not heard from him.                      

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