Deal or Dud: 3 Second Brow

Ladies, listen up!  You can have perfect eyebrows in just seconds!  So say the makers of the 3 Second Brow.  Consumer reporter Steve Noviello puts it to the Deal or Dud test!
If you're bothered by bare brows, you might be seconds away from a stamp-on solution
"My one sister said 'Did anyone try this?'  I said I was debating it and she said 'Buy it!'."
Looks like we got to Joanna Shirley just in time.  This busy mom is a pro at precisely penciling in where things are patchy.
"You have to get it perfect.  You have to start here and you have to draw up underneath."
But that takes between three and five minutes.  Not any more say the makers of three second brow.  They're turning those minutes into moments.  Just choose a stamp, "Soft" or "Structured", to match your brow line.  Powder and press!
"That's pretty hard to choose from.  This one you can get off track and not get the bottom."
Joanna settles on the soft arch and after reading the instructions...
"Im so worried i'm going to mess this up."
...carefully lines up the stamp and...
"No. No. No.  Look!  It went way over!
We're gonna call that a learning curve.  Joanna says it's hard to see past the stamp so she tries moving from tail to tip.
"Color-wise, it's good!
But it doesn't quite fit.  So joanna gives it a quick touch up and...
"Actually that's pretty good!"
The richness of the color can be controlled by how hard you press.  Second side, we go in deeper.
"It's dark though for me - for me this is dark i don't do mine this dark."
But the shape...
"It actually filled my exact brow line." spot on!
"I have eyebrows now!  I didn't think mine were that bad until i put this on and got eyebrows!"
But how long will in last?
In the ad, a mist of water makes no mess!  In our test?
"It did not come off!  I'm shocked!"
"I would use this every day.  I'm serious!"
It's called 3 Second Brow.  What do you think? Deal or Dud?
"Deal!  I love it!"
3 Second Brow retails for about 20 bucks.  As for the stamp that's shaped like an arch, turns out that's the shape of my brows.  Watch Joanna turn me in to the tester:

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