DART attack suspect says he's remorseful for his role in beating

A suspect arrested for his role in a mob attack on a DART light rail train and station said Friday he feels remorseful for what he had done.

Jakobi Hendrix, 21, was arrested Thursday and faces an aggravated assault for hitting Kennan Jones with his skateboard. His brother, Remon Hendrix, was arrested early Friday morning. A third Hendrix brother is also being sought by authorities.

"I apologize, you know what I'm saying, to his family, to the guy that we did jump and I do feel sorry for everyone that had to watch us do this,” Jakobi Hendrix said in a jailhouse interview on Friday.

There was no sign of compassion from Jakobi and Remon Sunday night when they kicked and punched Jones until he was out cold. Both brothers were on their way to work at Whataburger and can be seen in cell phone video wearing their distinctive orange work shirts. Remon is charged with misdemeanor assault.

Jakobi said he was just trying to defend his younger brother Cameron, who was part of the fight when it started on board the train and continued on the platform at Deep Ellum station.

“When this happened, it was just him and the guy so I didn't realize everyone I else until afterwards,” Jakobi said. "I've never been in this amount of trouble, ever! I'm not really a bad person like people might've seen me in the video."

The video was posted to Facebook the day after the attack and has dominated headlines all week.

But it wasn't until Thursday afternoon that Jacobi Hendrix turned himself in. His brother Ramon was arrested early Friday morning when he showed up for work.     

“I turned myself in because I felt bad about it. Because I can't say I don't feel bad about it, because I really do,” Jakobi said.

Jones said Friday he’s still recovering from the attack that happened nearly one week ago.

"I accept your apology because to me it's really bigger than that moment,” Jones told FOX4.

Jones’ attorney is thankful at least two arrests have been made, but frustrated DART has refused to release their platform surveillance video after asking for the public’s help to find the suspects.

"If you're engaging them for assistance, then I would think that you would want to equip them with the best possible means to provide that assistance,” said lawyer Emmanuel Obi. “In this instance that is in releasing the video footage and all information that would aid the community to help  That only makes common sense.”

Jakobi said he has not spoken with his younger brother Cameron since the attack but has a message for him now.

“Be man enough to stand up for your wrongs, you should go ahead and turn yourself in and get it over with while you still can -- before it gets even worse than it already is and identify people you have to identify."

DART Police are still looking for the other suspects on the train with Jakobi's brother, like the woman with the red hair in braids who is seen on video striking Jones in the head with the skateboards as he laid unconscious on the train platform.

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