Dallas woman recovering from shark attack in Bahamas

A Dallas woman nearly killed in a shark attack is making huge strides in her recovery.

The victim, Lacy Martin, has taken her first steps, which is amazing progress considering a shark took a large bite out of her backside.

Even experts say it's nothing short of a miracle that she survived.

The attack happened off the coast of the Bahamas, where Lacy was snorkeling during an annual trip to see family.

"She almost died," said the Martins' family friend, Brandon Kay. "She quit breathing and her eyes went in the back of her head."

While the shark ripped a chunk from Lacy's back and buttocks, incredibly, she got herself into a boat and was eventually airlifted to a south Florida hospital.

Her husband Britt spoke to reporters there.

"I was looking and just a huge piece of her was missing," said Britt. "I just grabbed a towel and started wrapping it around her, just trying to stop the bleeding."  

A prominent south Florida shark expert who documents attacks has spoken to Lacy, too.

He told FOX 4 that based on what Lacy told him, she was bitten by a 6 to 8-foot bull shark. In the expert's opinion, it's the most dangerous kind because it's so aggressive.

Doctors recovered a tooth fragment from Lacy's flesh.

Her attack, a class 5, is the highest level, and most are fatal.

Lay says Lacy is holding up well and even making jokes.

"She had said, ‘Well, I guess I'm not going to be a supermodel,'" said Kay.

But to see his friends suffer pains him the most.

"I love them to death, and you don't realize how much someone means to you unless they are not there," said Kay.

Relatives have been updating Lacy's condition on a fundraising page for her.

They say she's starting to get around with a walker and doing small calf raises and squats.

They expect her to be in the hospital there for another four weeks, and she will eventually undergo reconstructive surgery.

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