Cable guy sent to fix Frisco couple's washing machine

- Nearly 3 million Samsung washing machines have been recalled after U.S. product safety officials say more than 700 incidents have been reported and 9 injuries, from bruises to a broken jaw.

A North Texas family found out their new Samsung washing machine was on that list. And while no one was injured, they are looking for answers and help after their washer was ‘supposedly fixed’ by a DISH Network cable man.

The repair man on Emily Dworshak's ring was not who she was expecting Monday afternoon.

"Well, I don't have DISH Network. I have DirecTV,” she explained. “So I answer the door, and he says, ‘I'm here to fix your washer.’"

Emily was expecting a repairman to fix her recalled Samsung washing machine — just not a TV technician.  

“So he came in and he said it would be really quick. It would only take 10 minutes for him to fix my washer,” she said.

As time passed, Emily became skeptical.

“About an hour later, I came into the laundry room and checked on him,” Emily said. “He said, ‘I've never had to fix a washer like this. It must be a new washer.’"

After a quick phone call to his boss, Emily says the DISH technician said it was fixed and left. She put in a load of clothes. But 20 minutes later, there was a mess.

"The water was running down through the garage, running down the driveway. It was into the bathroom. It was in the closet. I mean water was everywhere,” Emily said. “This is the pile of towels that we had to use to clean up the floors along with all the wet clothes."

Emily's husband, Rick, is still puzzled about that but is more than agitated he can't get answers as to who is going to replace his damaged carpet and wood floors.

“I wouldn't call a washing machine guy to come hook up my cable. So why are they having a cable guy come hook up my washing machine?” he said. "I asked everybody I talked to. Nobody seemed to have the number of contact information for claims. It was just non-stop over and over.”

More than three days after the Samsung washer flooded their home, amid the stench of mildew, Rick says he's done with Samsung. 

"Buyer beware. Be aware that if you have a problem, it's going to be a nightmare getting it fixed,” he warned. “Samsung, you lost a customer, a pretty good customer.  We've bought a lot of Samsung products over the years, and we'll never buy another one."

In a statement to FOX 4, a Samsung spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience to the Dworshaks saying, "We will be reaching out to them to learn more about what happened and will be working with our partners to ensure they get the support they need. We have increased the number of our authorized service partners to ensure any disruption to our customers is minimized."

Full Samsung Recall:

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