Burglars rob, flood couple's Arlington home

An Arlington couple is cleaning up after burglars ransacked their home in an unusual break-in -- after the suspects stole everything of value, they flooded the house.

"They took all the electronics, they took jewelry, they took laptops Kindles, iPad…you know, as my husband put it, anything over $1 that they could carry," said Kathy Havins.

Her husband, Terry, came home Wednesday and noticed that their front door was busted open. He backed up and called 911.

But the burglars apparently weren't satisfied with simply stealing from the Havins – they added vandalism.

"Every door, every dresser, they just dumped stuff out, and in some cases, they dumped the drawer out into the floor and left the drawer in the floor," said Kathy.

And as if that wasn't enough, the suspects took it one step further.

"They plugged up the sink in the bathroom and turned the water on, and so they let it flood and they came in [the kitchen]…they pulled that spray hose out [from the sink], aimed it at the floor and turned the water on," said Kathy.

The central Arlington house the couple has lived in for 37 years was flooded.

Eleven guns were stolen from the Havins, including three handguns and all of the ammo, and that bothers them the most.

"That's one of my big fears is by them stealing them, they'll be used for something bad on someone," said Terry.

The burglars even tried to steal their TV, but broke it in the process.

Arlington police say they haven't had any similar incidents reported.

The Havins say that after anger and tears, it was their kids who found a way to bring a smile to their faces, pointing out the similarities between the robbery and the movie Home Alone.

"Our oldest daughter said, ‘OK, so basically, what you're telling us is these people are teenagers who spent the entire Christmas vacation watching "Home Alone" and thought, Oh that sounds like a good idea… let's be the wet bandits,'" said Kathy.

The Havins say that as difficult as the robbery has been on them, they have had just as much kindness shown to them after a GoFundMe page was set up, and countless friends and neighbors have offered to help them clean up the mess.

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