Body cam video sheds light on deadly officer-involved shooting

*Warning - Viewer discretion advised for attached videos*

A foot chase led to a fatal police shooting recently in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and the officer's body camera shows what happened before and after he fired five shots in two seconds.

The suspect, a Texas man, was shot and killed by the officer Jan. 17.

Police were called to a wedding about a man named Terence Walker, originally from the Houston area.

Andre Jones, the pastor of a Muskogee church, called police because a woman had come to him saying that Walker had threatened to kill her.

Jones was outside as Officer Chansey McMillin approached 21-year-old Walker and asked Walker to take his hands out of his pockets.

"I'm gonna pat you down for weapons, OK?" McMillin says in the video from his body camera, since the 911 call had warned of a gun. "You got anything that's gonna poke, stick, cut or hurt me?"

"Uh uh," Walker says.

McMillin places Walker's hands behind his back and tries to handcuff him.

"Relax," McMillin says. "Why you shaking for?"

"Because..." says Walker.

"Relax," said McMillin.

But Walker ends up running, and a chase pursues as witnesses, including Jones, watch.

"The guy jerked away from the police officer from the handcuffs, and the handcuffs go swinging across the parking lot," said Jones.

While running, Walker drops something, stops to pick it up and turns before he's shot by McMillin.

When the body cam video is played in slow motion, two seconds before McMillin fires, Walker is bent down facing McMillin, with his right arm extended to the street.

That, for McMillin, was a shoot-don't shoot split-second decision making moment.

Walker turns to run and looks back at McMillin, who is now shooting. Five shots are heard in two seconds.

Then Jones rushes in from the left

"I'm the pastor!" says Jones. "Don't shoot!"

McMillin: "Get back! Get back! Get back! Get back! Get back, sir! Sir, get back!"

Jones: "Don't shoot no more!"

McMillin: "Get back! I'm not! Get back!"

Jones: "Let me check on him! Let me check on him!"

Other officers arrive and find a gun on Walker -- a loaded revolver.

On the body cam video, Jones is heard telling police what he saw.

"He followed procedure," Jones says. "He was trying to do everything [inaudible]…"

As McMillin was led away by fellow police for questioning, his body camera records him asking, "Why'd he have to do that?"

Jones says the moments after the shooting were chaotic.

"Everybody running outside, neighbors coming, so we just trying to keep the people back and calm because they didn't know what was going on, so immediately they was accusing the police of shooting an innocent person, but they did not know that he had come up here to kill somebody," said Jones.

There haven't been any protests in Muskogee, partly because of what independent eyewitnesses like Jones saw.

Six days after the shooting, Muskogee police released the entire video, which is a little over 9 minutes long.

However, the fatal shooting took place in the first 35 seconds.


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