Biracial Benbrook couple receives racist letter

- Police are investigating a Benbrook family's complaint that they being targeted with racial hatred.

The family told FOX 4 about a series of incidents, including a derogatory delivery in the mail.

Geico says someone put a derogatory term into an online form to request an insurance quote that was delivered to the family's home.  The company has the computer's IP address and says it happened from a public internet location in Fort Worth.

The biracial Benbrook couple, who asked that their faces not be shown, is outraged that a letter from Geico addressed to "Rusty N****r" came to their home.

“There is someone out there targeting us,” the dad said. “And we can't figure out why — if it is because I am black or we are a biracial couple."

Their son opened the mailbox and found the letter. He's 11 years old.

“He was just asking why someone would send that to us,” the mom said. “Then you get the questions of why don't they like black people. Are they going to be mean to us?”

Then after the letter, dead animals started showing up in their front yard, starting with a rat.

“At first you're like, ‘There are cats around. Maybe the rat was left by them,’” the mom said. “Then you get a dead cat. Then you get a dead squirrel, and it starts appearing not to be a coincidence."

There were even chunks of concrete left by their car and scratches on the paint.

“It is hard to sleep,” the dad said. “Their safety, I put that first. I just want to know who is doing it.”

They've installed cameras and filed a police report on Tuesday. They hope that police will get to the bottom of it before the perpetrator causes any more harm.

“I would hope they would see this and stop,” the dad said. “This is really serious.”

“Our kids are young,” the mom said. “I think it's unfair to them."

 Police say whoever is terrorizing the family could face criminal charges.

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