Bear cub found roaming Corinth neighborhood

A black bear cub has called Corinth home for the past few days.

Now, the bear, Yogi, is in an animal sanctuary.

Neighbors were surprised to see the 4-month-old cub rummaging through trash, so they called animal control.

Now, police are back at the home where Yogi lived this week.

Yogi's owner and caretaker for the past week is Greg Gideo. He is a wildlife lover and never intended to have a bear cub for a pet.

For the past four days, Yogi lived in a covered cage, and Gideo grew fond of the little guy.

Last weekend on his ranch in Oklahoma, Gideo saw two black bear cubs stuck in a varmint trap and quickly realized that only one was alive.

So the next night, Gideo says he put the cub in another cage so mama bear could save him.

"It was a floorless cage, so the minute she would roll it, over she'd have her cub back, but she didn't come back," said Gideo.

So Gideo brought him home to North Texas, where the cub romped around the sofa and picked out jams, jellies and syrups from the refrigerator door until Yogi climbed through a small hole in the cage and ran away Thursday morning.

"I felt responsible," said Gideo. "I didn't want nothing to happen to him. I brought him back to Texas. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I did."

The folks on Windstone Way, a mile away, noticed a funny-looking dog running down the street and romping through flowerbeds on Thursday morning.

Corinth police posted about the cub on Facebook, which led them to Gideo.

He was ticketed for possessing a dangerous animal within city limits and without a permit.

"Do you feel like what you did was wrong?" asked FOX 4.

"No. Absolutely not," said Gideo.

Police showed up on Thursday night to talk to Gideo again.

At first, he wouldn't answer, but he ultimately let them in.

"Would I do it again?" said Gideo. "Absolutely."

Gideo had planned to take Yogi back to his ranch Thursday night to release him to reunite with his mother and sibling, but now he's at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyd.

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