The 5 dirtiest spots that could give you the flu

Experts say there are five common spots you probably aren’t thinking about that are covered with germs and could result in you catching the flu.

To keep from being one of next people to get hit, here are some tips.

You know you don't want to put anything with germs near your face, yet we touch our phone all day and then put it by our ear. Solution: wipe it down, but only with screen wipes made for smart phones.

Flu germs can live on surfaces for up to eight hours, so imagine all the germs on an ATM. Solution: use your knuckles.

Sick people need gasoline to drive to the doctor and they are touching those gas pumps. Solution: hand sanitizer.

We all know hands that touch hundreds of things a day have a lot of germs. So offering a handshake may be giving someone more than they want. Solution: elbow bump.

Then, there is the community pen. It seems small and innocent, but it can be carrying a lot of junk. Solution: bring your own pen.

Dr. Jeff Goudreau is seeing five patients with the flu every day at his Dallas office, the worst outbreak in his career.

"I wish people would use face masks more. I've been to Asia, they are big proponents of the face mask. I think it prevents the spread,” Goudreau said.

The best way to keep from getting sick is a tried and true method and you can never do it too much – sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

Goudreau says the most important thing is if you do feel bad, don't go to work or school.

“Headache, dry cough, eyes hurt, achiness, cough, get a thermometer, then go to the doctor to see if you have the flu,” he said.

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