Vintage Is Back

Some of your favorites from your childhood are back in new form in this year's gift guide.

Red Fraggle Rock
Remember these guys? Dance your cares away with this Red Fraggle plush! Red’s friendly nature and poseable tail make for the perfect huggable plush. Gobo is also available too!

World’s Smallest...
The world's original s-t-r-e-t-c-h Muscle Man is back smaller and stretchier than ever.  Choose from GI Joe Action Soldier, Rubix Cube, Gumby, and Tiny Arcade too!

The limited edition 35th Anniversary Care Bear features the new Rainbow Heart Bear in a beautiful commemorative package with a certificate of authenticity. Perfect for longtime collectors as well as new fans. Rainbow Heart's lush and huggable royal purple fur has special glittery speckles and her heart-shaped nose is a shimmery purple metallic color.

CPK Little Sprouts 
Cabbage Patch Kids were a HUGE 80's hit and now Little Sprouts are proving just as popular!  Mini versions of the kids you grew up loving- collect all the Little Sprouts kid, baby, and pet figures and send them on an exciting new adventure every day!

CPK Adoptimals
With eight different types of pets to choose you surely will find your perfect pair! Cabbage Patch Adoptimals include a special heart locket with lights and sounds, including barking, panting and other happy sounds. When you pair up a Cabbage Patch Kid heart key with an Adoptimals locket you will unlock your pet's magical heartbeat. Each Adopitmal includes a bowl and brush! Take the Oath of Adoption today and name your very own Adoptimal pet!

Fisher Price Play Tape Recorder
The Fisher-Price Classics Tape Recorder is a timeless toy for a new generation that lets you play music, sing along, and record your voice! Little ones will love singing and dancing along to the built-in music, and then using the microphone to record their own voice! (Does not play real cassette tapes).

Atari Joystick
Based on the iconic Atari 2600 gaming console, the Atari Classic Games Joystick plugs directly into your TV and offers ten different classic Atari games including Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, Missile Command and more! The games feature retro graphics and all the original gameplay, without all the cartridges.

Tangle by Zuru
Twist, shape and fidget freely with Tangles by ZURU! Tangles are colorful, 90 degree curved sections that link together and are able to twist and turn at each joint. Tangles connect together so that it has no beginning and no end, creating a movable art form, a puzzle, or a fidget toy…the possibilities are endless!

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck from Funrise
Tonka is getting back to its roots with the Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck! Built to last and withstand even the toughest Tonka kids, this Classic Mighty Dump Truck, complete with a moveable bed, is ready to take charge in any construction zone and guaranteed for life!

ZURU is bringing the Shnooks back from Shnook Brooke for a whole new generation of young girls! A previous top seller, Shnooks are an ultra-cute feature plush that combines hair-play with a unique shnubble-bubble pack, which means Shnooks magically grow 8x their size when opened. There are 6 new characters to collect, all with their own unique way of shnooking after you.

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