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  • Some assistant instructors at UT are moving student meetings, like office hours, to a bar on campus where guns are prohibited.
  • Sunday marked the 75th anniversary of the executive order that forced the incarceration of more than 120,000 Japanese Americans in camps during World War II.
  • Teacher gives gift of literacy to 64 year-old man, proving it's never too late.
  • FOX 13's Shayla Reaves reports on a bizarre murder case in Clearwater. Two people were arrested for killing their landlord just after the Super Bowl, then living in the house with the corpse for two weeks while they planned how to get rid of the body
  • TMZ's Harvey Levin reports.
  • Erin McKool from Start shares the recipe.
  • The Whittier Police Department is in mourning today for a veteran police officer allegedly killed by a suspected gang member who was recently released from prison and who was linked to a homicide earlier in the day.
  • Evan Andrews has details.