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  • With the start of summer comes the heat and of course the cool refreshments. Frosé is the new unofficial drink of summer. A frosé is basically a frozen rosé wine. Bar Primi in the East Village is credited with creating the concoction that comes st
  • The Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision soon on the President's controversial travel ban case, but another question is also looming. Will one of the justices announce his retirement? Bob Barnard reports.
  • The idea behind "The Wand":  remove the substances from wine, that can cause a bad reaction.
  • Police search for gunman after a driver was shot on a North Texas interstate
  • Police are searching for a driver who shot and killed a 19-year-old man after a road rage incident in Arlington.
  • Richard Ray visits the Dallas Zoo
  • LynnAnne Nguyen reports
  • The search is ongoing.